NE Kent MPA (Thanet Coast) Warden Scheme

NEKMPA Coastal Warden's Resource Locker!

This page provides online access support for volunteer Coastal Wardens/Guardians in the NEKMPA area with background information and essential links below. 


The new 2017 annual programme of Coastal Warden/Guardian Events and Activites can be downloaded here: 

Please remember the latest & most of to date listings and information for events and activities will be within the more recent Coastal Warden's quarterly e-News.  

You can also stay in touch and show us images of the coast or wildlife on:

Facebook (NEKMPA): 

Twitter (TCP):

"Closed Group facebook page" - just for NEKMPA Coastal Wardens/Guardians so we can share information, images, add comments & start discussions just amongst ourselves.  CLOSED GROUP:


Activity Surveys

You can submit your Activity Survey data online via this link: 

The 2017 list of activity survey dates are on the E-News/2017 programme, or can be downloaded here separately 2017 activity survey dates (PDF, 180KB).  

This year they are heavily biased towards monitoring on Saturdays - but if you are unable to make this day, please swap for the closest day that you can make for each survey!  In addition, do try to add a week day when you are able to add variety of days to your surveys through the year whenever you visit your bay!

When you have finished inputting your survey information online, it will automatically come up with a summary sheet. If you want to keep a copy of the survey, you will need to print it off at this page, before pressing the submit button at the bottom. The more survey information we get for your bay or coastline, the more analysis we can do at the end of the year - so wardens are strongly encouraged to try reporting all visits; or input more regular survey information (eg weekly). Please note: no action will be taken from these reports - so if something needs to be acted upon (eg oil on beach, or dumped rubbish) you will need to send an incident report below.

NEKMPA Activities Survey Form (2016-paper, PDF, 292KB)

Health & Safety (PDF, 224KB)

Advice notes on when to survey (PDF, 243KB)

Bay Reference numbers - Thanet Map (JPeg, 433KB):© Crown copyright and database rights 2017 Ordnance Survey 100018261

Bay Reference list and maps for Coastal Wardens/Guardians  


Reporting a) Incidents, and b) Strandings or Wildlife

This reporting mechanism will allow for incidents and wildlife records to be recorded - and allows for one digital image to be uploaded. Incidents are then be referred from the Thanet Coast Project to the appropriate agency or authority to deal with if necessary. Please use the link below to start reporting both type of reports:

There are two types of reports:

a) Incidents (eg unusual items or oil washed ashore; antisocial behaviour to "shellfish-harvesting" or "fixed shore nets" reports), and observations, or

b) Strandings or wildlife sightings  (eg seals, harbour porpoise, jellyfish, or unusual finds on the beach) that you have seen along the NE Kent / Thanet coast.

Whilst the date, time, location and type of record is important, please also write a concise ‘note’ or ‘description’ (if appropriate), as well as any further action if taken (such as reporting anti-social activities to the police; people in distress to Coastguards, or an animal stranding to the BDMLR or RSPCA... so that we can act if still required).

Any digital photographic evidence or records can now be uploaded, and could prove to be very useful to verify reports and observations, or for help with identification or response to any incident.


'Group Flickr' - sharing of photographic images

Please Note: you will have to copy & paste this link (on your computer/laptop/phone) before you can access to this page!

Thanet Coast Project (NEKMPA) has a group page. Flickr is a photo sharing website in which members can log in and upload their own photos to share, as well as comment on other users’ photos, join groups and participate in discussions. It is free to join at the basic level. We are hoping that wardens and volunteers will help build a gallery of shots around the Thanet coast and will hopefully promote more discussion and camaraderie as well! Advice note (PDF, 173KB)


Useful contact no.s for Coastal Wardens-Guardians

Note: this is the list of useful contacts on an A5 sheet issued at your Introductory Training!


Other useful information:

Summer Seashore Safari 2017 information

-         Volunteer Tasks for Seashore Safaris (PDF, 269KB)

-         Generic Safari Risk Assessment (PDF,512KB);& 'Sign in/Risk Assmt' (PDF, 512KB)

-         Location maps – site plans of Safari Sites (PDF, 1,087KB)

-         Location map for Hartsdown, Margate   (for lock up/pre-briefing: PDF, 484KB)


Download a copy of the:

Useful links:


UK Cetacean Strandings Investigations Programme


Guardians of the Deep


Marine Conservation Society related information:


Shark Trust




Non-Native Species Secretariat (GB NNSS)


Background Turnstone information


Previous Coastal Warden/Guardians e-News/Events/Forum feedback

2016  The programme of training and volunteer opportunities, as well as events and activities is outlined in the annual programme - which can be downloaded or viewed here. Please note, that this outline listing and information may change throughout the year, and so new links or confirmed dates will be forwarded within the Coastal Warden's quarterly e-News.

NEKMPA Coastal Warden Annual Forum 2016




The documents on this page are provided as .pdf files and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. .

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the Warden Scheme please call us on 01843 577672, or