Coastal Warden Bay Reference maps

The Coastal Warden/Guardian Bay Reference map list is shown below.

These maps are outlines/guidelines to the sections adopted by new volunteer Coastal Wardens/Guardians within the NE Kent coastline. They are subject to revisions upon better local experience and knowledge gained by the volunteer.

The Bay/section of coastline adopted by new Coastal Wardens/Guardians (in May 2017) have a link attached to the name below - so that volunteers can view their chosen area:

Bay Ref. No. Name
1a Whitstable Harbour and 'The Paddock'
1b The 'Street'
2a Tankerton Bay West
2b Tankerton Bay East
3a Long Rock
3b Swalecliffe Banks
3c Studd Hill/Hampton Bay
4 Hampton Pier
5a Herne Bay West
5b Herne Bay Central
6a Herne Bay East/King's Hall
6b Herne Bay 'The Downs'/East Cliff
7 Bishopstone (including the Glenn)
8a Reculver West
8b Reculver East
9a Reculver to Coldharbour
9b Coldharbour
9c Plumpudding
10 Minnis Bay West
11a Minnis Bay to Grenham Bay
11b Grenham Bay
11c Beresford Bay
12a Epple Bay
12b Epple to Westgate
13 Westgate Bay
14 Westgate to St Mildred's (Ledge Point)
15 St Mildred's Bay
16 St Mildred's to Westbrook
17 Westbrook Bay
18 Nayland Rock
19a Margate Bay
19b Margate Harbour
20a Fulsam Rock
20b Newgate Gap (Lido to Walpole)
20c Walpole Bay  
21a Palm Bay
21b Foreness Bay & Point
21c Foreness to Botany
21d Botany Bay
21e Whiteness Bay
21f Kingsgate Bay
22a Joss Bay
22b North Foreland
22c Stone Bay
22d Broadstairs East Cliff
22e Viking Bay
23a Louisa Bay
23b Dumpton Point (South Cliff to Dumpton)
23c Dumpton Gap
23d Dumpton to Winterstoke
24 Ramsgate Main Sands
25 Royal Harbour 
26 Western Undercliff
27 Pegwell to Cliffsend
28 Pegwell Bay
29 Pegwell Country Park 
30a Sandwich Bay - Northern End
30b Sandwich Bay - Mid Section
30c Sandwich Bay - Southern Part
31 Deal (North) - Sandown Castle to Deal pier