Horse Riding Code

  • Try to avoid putting shoreline wintering birds to flight by not riding on the beach at high tides.
  • Avoid disturbing wintering birds during or after long cold spells when food is harder to find as this can increase their energy expenditure and reduce feeding time.
  • Please avoid riding close to the summer bird breeding grounds and main winter roosts on the shingle beaches between Minnis Bay and Reculver, and avoid the Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve.
  • Follow the British Horse Society's code for Riding responsibly and road safety - available from The British Horse Society.
    • Show courtesy, care and consideration for the land and other users
    • Ride with care on the road as outlined in the BHS Riding & Road Safety Manual & test
  • Always wear protective headgear (to the current safety standard) and appropriate clothing and check your tack for safety before you set off.
  • Follow the local bylaws:
    • Ride only before 9am and after 7pm along the seashore between 1 May and 30 September for public safety reasons
    • Some riding for children is allowed outside these times, when led by a responsible person on foot; but this bylaw excludes any racing or 'breaking-in' on the seashore 

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