Powercraft Activities Code

Motorboats, personal watercraft, water-skiing

  • Keep activities, launches and landings away from the summer breeding grounds and main winter roosts: on the shingle beaches between Minnis Bay and Reculver; within the Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve, except for navigational access to Sandwich.
  • If you encounter wildlife, such as seals either at sea or on sandbanks, slow down and give them a wide berth as they can be easily scared by humans. Please follow the NE Kent Marine Wildlife Watching Code for wildlife watching guidelines.
  • Avoid damage to the chalk shore by only using the designated launch sites.
  • Be considerate to other coastal users, especially swimmers and divers, and clear away from the beach area as soon as possible.
  • Keep to the designated activity zones identified on the main bay information signs, or by the Local Authority.
  • Join and abide by local water user group schemes eg

Thanet Water User Group's rules and regulations:

Thanet Council run a scheme that involves a barrier 'key' system allowing registered users access to the shore and encourages adequate third party insurance. Rules include keeping barriers locked and not exceeding 8 knots inshore of 400m; except in designated areas (eg water skiing). Contact: wateruser@thanet.gov.uk for further detail.s


  • Observe the 'Rules of the Road' (Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972; 'COLREGs') - free sticker available from the RNLI
  • Know and follow the RNLI Sea Safety Guidelines as appropriate for your activity.

    Booklets are available free of charge from the RNLI covering Motor-boating Personal
    Watercraft, Sea Anglers, Small Boat Users, Sport Diving

    • Boat owners (RYA & BMIF)
    • Water skiing (British Water Ski Federation)
    • Sea Anglers (NABAC)

Thanet Coast (NEKMPA)

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Tony Child

Thanet Coast (NE Kent Marine Protected Area) Officer

Telephone: +44 (0) 1843 577672

(based in Manston Road Depot)