Shore Angling Code

Take care to avoid putting roosting or feeding wintering birds to flight especially when shore angling at high tide or at night

  • Avoid shore angling along the shingle beaches adjacent to the lagoons between Reculver and Birchington as these are used by summer breeding birds and the shingle is the main winter roosts.
  • Tread carefully on the rocky shore if fishing off the rocks at low tide
  • Take all waste home and dispose of it safely including old hooks, line and tackle which can hurt birds and animals
  • Take only as much bait as you need and return unused worms to the beach
  • Follow the NFSA ' Conservation Code for Sea Anglers'
    These include taking measures to reduce tackle loss (eg lower breaking strain for hook length than main line) and use of 'catch & release' methods to help conserve fish stocks, returning the fish in a healthy condition
  • Abide by the 'Recommended Retention Size Limits' - as endorsed by the NFSA. Help conserve fish stocks by returning undersized or surplus fish alive and healthy to the sea 


Examples of minimum catch size (cm)
National Federation of Sea
 Anglers (NFSA)
 Bass 41       Plaice 28
 Brill 35    Pollack 30
 Cod 35    Pouting 18
 Dab 20    Skate/Ray 41*
 Flounder 25    Sole 25
 Mackerel 30    Turbot 35
 Mullet 33    Whiting 27
      *wing tip to tip

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