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Thanet Coast Photo gallery


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Chalk cliffs

Stacks at Botany Bay, Kingsgate  Chalk Cliffs at Pegwell Bay Chalk Cliffs at Kingsgate Bay
Stacks at Botany Bay Chalk cliffs at Pegwell Bay Chalk cliffs and fault lines
at Kingsgate

Coastal wildlife 

Reef life

Piddock holes


Reef life

Piddock holes

Two Shore Crabs

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Coastal birds

Turnstone - Margate

Birds roosting on slipway



(picture by Kevin Webb)

Roosting birds on
Margate Slipway 

(picture by Kevin Webb)


Caves & reef

New Cave forming

Reef at Botany Bay

Arch at Kingsgate

New cave forming

Reef at Botany Bay, Kingsgate

Arch at Kingsgate Bay

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