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Educational Events & Activities - School Beach Excursions

Organised clubs or school trips can visit a variety of coastal sites to view the variety of marine and coastal wildlife around the Thanet coastline; to see evidence of coastal erosion and examples of coastal barriers, or for general leisure and tourism.

Please remember to read the following as part of your planning for a coastal visit:

A number of bays around the NE Kent Coast are suitable for organised school trips, including:

  • Minnis Bay (Birchington)
  • West Bay (Westgate)
  • St Mildreds Bay (Westgate)
  • Walpole Bay (Cliftonville)
  • Palm Bay (Cliftonville)
  • Botany Bay (Broadstairs)
  • Joss Bay (Broadstairs)
  • Louisa Bay (Broadstairs), and
  • Dumpton Gap (Broadstairs)

To help sustain our educational work with groups, the Thanet Coast Project will be introducing charges to help cover our costs. For more information on our fees, please contact us at


Canterbury City Council may be able to assist groups/schools within their district, including at Reculver Country Park. Educational field trips are also run by the Kent Wildlife Trust and currently with local schools through the Guardians of the Deep project.

Please inform the Thanet Coast Project/Thanet Council or Canterbury City Council 'Foreshores' if running your own trip so that we know dates/times, location, numbers (students/teachers-helpers) & you contact details - so that we can let the bay inspectors and lifeguards know (if working that day), and will help avoid other schools that have already notfied us of their visit.


Useful reference material for schools is also available from:

  • Marine Conservation Society website 
  • Discovering Thanet Coast 'educational resources' are currently being developed and should be available in 2018. These will include four sites at Minnis Bay, Margate Main Sands, Joss Bay and Ramsgate Main Sands


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