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PLEASE NOTE: No large public events are taking place at the moment - in line with current government coronavirus advice & measures = Public health advice.  Small private & family run events are possible, whilst maintaining social distancing.


For Public Beach Cleans

The Thanet Coast Project helps volunteers to run practical tasks to clean up sections of the coastline. Why not join in? The more hands the better!  Find out more - Thanet Events or as join an organised group clean up - see the lists below.

This advisory webpage, litter sticks, hoops and bags are provided thanks to kind support from Seachangers.  Gloves were purchased with thanks to Southern Water community grant in 2019.   These clean ups are often run in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society volunteers for their annual Great British Beach Clean event (part of Beachwatch).  


For your own 2-minute beach clean

The Thanet Coast has a series of #2minutebeachclean {please click on link} stations where you can borrow a stick, and fill a bag with beach litter - following the safety guidance issued, & can post your good work on social media for everyone to see how easy it is to get involved!


For organising your own community beach clean 

Community groups can organise their own beach cleans. All you have to do is submit the  online application below - which will include all the information required for obtaining landowner permission (Thanet Council foreshore) & enable you to book out equipment on loan for your beach clean on the Thanet Coast: 

Organisers need to submit a

You can get initial advice:  talk to us (at about landowner permission, beach clean locations and date/time/tides for the clean.

But you will need to complete this online form and:

- carry out your own beach clean 'risk assessment'.  A TDC general Community Clean Up (litter pick) template can be used as a starting point, if needed.  However, you will need to UPDATE wuth CURRENT coronvirus measures - and social distancing - to this table. Further safety guidelines are also produced by the Marine Conservation Society's Great British Beach Clean - including Coronavirus health & safety guidance;  and Keep Britain Tidy with coronavirus advice;  & the Thanet's Beach Management Plan 2020 for the set up along the coast. 

- arrange for & show us your own public liability insurance.  Alternatively you can arrange cover by linking up with beach clean organisations that can sometimes provide this through their campaigns  eg Marine Conservation Society's Beachwatch; SAS - Surfers Against Sewage.

- notify us if you intend to borrow equipment: this will start arrangements to book out and borrow our beach clean equipment, if needed.  Litter sticks, gloves, bags, some hoops, and a 'sharps box' for instance. You will also need to consider 'First Aid' cover at your beach clean.

We will help arrange with you for when & where the filled litter bags will be left for collection by Thanet Council's Cleansing team, after the clean up.   


Join an Organised Group:

There are many local voluntary groups running beach cleans around the NE Kent coast, and these are the ones that have let us know of their activities:

Birchington Anti-litter Group (BAG) organise regular impromptu litter picks that include the beaches around the area. See their facebook page for more information.

Westgate Against Rubbish (WAR)- looking to start new 'war' on litter.  Beach clean equipment is also available for loans to groups wishing to help clean up in the Westgate area from Westgate Town Council. 

Rise Up. Clean Up. Margate - regular evening cleans started from July 2020. More on their web and Twitter site

A Better Cliftonville (ABC) & Walpole Bay Swimmers (WBS) - are running regular Walpole Bay beach cleans at 11am on the last Sunday of  the month, meeting at the ramp to Walpole Tidal Pool.

Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate - currently meeting every Wednesday at 10:30am outside the Botany Bay Hotel, Kingsgate   

Broadstairs Town Team are running regular beach cleans, as well as work around town. Litter pickers, plastic bags and hoops will be provided, but please note: on these cleans, you are advised to bring your own gloves and wear warm clothing! Please view their Facebook site for location & further details (please use link above). 

Ramsgate Town TeamRamsgate Town Council have various clean up projects and an online group -  Ramsgate Litter Pickers (facebook) - as well as campaigns like the Great Spring Clean 2020.   

Advice on other cleans in the Ramsgate area - please try as different groups may undertake projects eg Ramsgate Society or Winterstoke Gardens/East Cliff projects

Western Undercliff - Artificial Beach Group,  Ramsgate - run clean ups in this part of the Ramsgate coast.


Herne BayBay Beach Clean

Whitstable - Whitstable's Marine Environment Group - run monthly beach cleans

Deal - Deal With It - run regular beach cleans along the coast in the Deal & Warmer area.

Thanet Coast Project - Also see What's On (events). Beach Cleans at Pegwell Bay, Cliffsend (CT12 5JD). Meet on the beach below the former hoverport access road. Dates tbc.


Link up to a nationally organised campaigns:

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) - run beach clean tasks and have great Spring & Autumn Beach Cleans.

Marine Conservation Society's 'Beachwatch' (MCS) - run beach clean tasks and coordinate the Great British Beach Clean   (every third weekend in September).

Keep Britain Tidy (KBT) - run various campaigns eg Great British Spring Clean & The Big Tidy Up.

2020 UPDATE:  PLEASE NOTE - ALL public events have been cancelled - with smaller private clean ups encouraged that maintain social distancing with limited numbers in view of the current government coronavirus advice and measures.



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