Research Code:

The North East Kent Scientific Coastal Advisory Group (NEKSCAG) has produced the voluntary NE Kent Research Code for anyone carrying out research in the area to complement the Thanet Coastal Codes.

Research – Potential Project List:

A list of potential research ideas has been compiled by the Advisory Group to help students and interested individuals looking for projects

North East Kent Coast Potential Research Project List (3-2014 with update 6 -2015 224kb)

Research Projects:

A number of research projects have been implemented over the last few years – with many illustrated within the Research Conference Reports below. A number of projects are currently in place – including the current Pacific Oyster Research Project (2007-09)

Coastal Research Conferences

NEKSCAG organises a research conference every couple of years as a forum for local coastal research projects that help provide the scientific basis and discussion to inform future management decisions.Research Conference information and reports