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Thanet Coast – Species folder

[Gradual Uploading – work in progress!]

This species folder provides information about some of the marine and bird life that can be found from around the Thanet Coast and has been researched and created by volunteers as an educational resource for people who would like to know more!

The Thanet Coast has numerous designations for its habitats and wildlife – all these are combined together to form the North East Kent Marine Protected Area.

A project team of volunteer Coastal Wardens researched and edited the species information shown, with images mainly taken by volunteers – and with clips taken from the filming from the virtual seashore safari project over the summer of 2020. (Please note: the research has been taken from a wide range of sources, and we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the descriptions and statements within the species folders).

Each folder consists of the common & scientific name with images and the main bullet points about the species; the the second side shows further information

Species – filesfilm clip
1SeaweedsBladder wrack
2Coral weed
3Irish moss
4Sea lettuce
1PoriferaBreadcrumb sponge
2Mermaid glove sponge
1CnidariaBeadlet Anemone
2Compass jellyfish
3Moon jelly
4Stalked jellyfish
1Marine ArthropodsSea spider
2Broad-clawed porcelain crab
3Asian & brush clawed crab
4Edible crab
5Hermit crab
8Shore crab
10Spider crab
11Velvet swimming crab
1MolluscsBlue mussel
3Common welk
5Dog whelk
6Edible periwinkle
7Flat periwinkle
8Grey Topshell
10Pacific oyster
12Purple Topshell
13Rough periwinkle
14Sea slug
1EchinodermsCommon Brittle star
2Green sea urchin
2Corkwing Wrasse
3Five Bearded Rockling
4Lesser Weever Fish
5Long spined Scorpion Fish
6Sand eels
7Sand Goby
9Small Spotted Catshark
10Thornback Ray
1BirdsBlack Headed Gull
5Great Black Backed Gull
6Herring Gull
8Little Egret
10Purple Sandpiper
11Rock Pipit


Thanet Coast Shorelife booklet – for children

The project team have also completed a ‘Childrens folder’ of basic information on 20 species for the Thanet Coast. These are available to order via our email (thanet.coast@thanet.gov.uk) with an online donation of £6.00 or more (Please note that these will take approx. 3 weeks for delivery).

Cartoon crab, starfish, oyster on a beach near the sea

Sample pages – Contents list; Shanny; Velvet Swimming Crab; Rockpooling Advice

Further information

Nature Conservation designations

Management Scheme – including SSSI information in Appendix of the Original Scheme.

Informal zone – Learning – including ‘Virtual Seashore Safaris’

The Project team:

Thanks go to the following people for their help, contributions, support and expertise in the production of these folders: –

Bob Dean; Bryony Chapman; Brian Short; Carole Yearsley; Chris Fulcher; Christina Hubbard; Clare Thompson; Dave Jackson; George Walton; Graham Rickett; Gregg Bessant; Helen Pitman; Jacky Ruddock; Jasper Sharp; John Harbottle; Julie Perrin; Karen Ball; Ken Blight; Lester Hovenden; Mandy Jarvis; Marc Summers; Mark GowerTDC; Naomi Cornwall; Natasha Wolffe; Richard Parkin; Robin Shrubsole; Sam Bessant; Stella Young; Sheila Dutnell; Steve Tebbett; Toby Humby; Tony Child; Tony Day; Tony Sykes.