Water Safety in Thanet

Getting the message across about water safety is vital, as the coastline plays such a huge part in all our lives in North East Kent.

This initiative is aimed at primary and secondary school children aged 8 to 14 years old, as children spend much of their holidays enjoying our beautiful beaches and we want to ensure that they know how to stay safe.

‘Water Safety in Thanet’ is a DVD resource that focuses on the dangers around the Thanet coastline, how to stay safe, have fun on the beaches and look after the environment. This initiative is a collaboration between the Thanet Coast Project, lifeguards at Thanet Leisureforce, HM Coastguard and RNLI with support from the Big Lottery Fund.

Thanet schools and interested groups have been sent a ‘Water Safety in Thanet’ DVD and coastal educational pack as part of this initiative. However, the message has been encompassed on this website to show a trailer, and cover the four main themes in four easy sections that can be viewed online.

The RLNI have taken over the lifeguard duties on many of Thanet beaches (previously run by Thanet Leisureforce).

Stay safe

Here’s a Coastal Safety link to Thanet RNLI Community Safety (website) with some great advice that could save your life or another person’s life.