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A plethora of projects - past and present

NEKMPA Management Scheme & Action Plans {link}

The main project work has been led by the original North East Kent European Marine Site (NE Kent Marine Protected Area) Management Scheme launched in 2001 - with subsequent 6-year Action Plans - including the latest for 2019-24. 

These actions have included numerous projects - from the development of advisory groups and research, to setting up and training of volunteer Coastal Wardens, to educational project work and events, and has included the development of the first set of Codes of Conduct for different recreational activities for a Marine Protected Area in the UK:


In addition, over the years there have been many types of projects and programmes of activities, and the list below is a selection of posters and images to illustrate these activities







Promoting links to the Arts


More bits of interest & Issues

These documents are provided as .pdf files and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. 


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