2013 to 2018 Action Plan

The Management Scheme aims to safeguard important marine and coastal wildlife and habitats, whilst allowing activities to take place without damaging these features. It includes specific action plans to achieve the effective management of the marine protected sites.

The Action Plan 2013-18 was drafted by the Management Group and coastal stakeholders and volunteers. This plan included the re-branding of management framework from the existing ‘N.E. Kent European Marine Site’ to the ‘NE Kent Marine Protected Area’ to incorporate the Thanet Coast Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) designated in November 2013 – along with numerous other actions.

Action Plan 2013-18

The Action Plan for the next six years (2013-18) can be downloaded or viewed here:

NEKMPA Action Plan 2013-18 (416KB, PDF)

Background Information for Stakeholders

Stakeholder Information 2013 (204 KB, PDF)

Note: Any new interest or community groups that would like to become stakeholders need to register their contact details; interest/organisation at: thanet.coast@thanet.gov.uk