Field Trip Code

Organised Groups

F ollow your group’s health and safety advice

I nform everyone about site safety, hazards, emergency details

E ncourage respect for coastal wildlife – minimise disturbance, as its their home you are visiting!

  • Walk gently on the rocks and by rockpools
  • Carefully replace rocks you have moved, exactly as you found them – it could be a creature’s home
  • Don’t remove limpets or pull seaweed off the rocks
  • Give seabirds space – don’t get too close and put them to flight

L eave it as you would like to find it – take litter home with you

D o observe creatures where they live and leave them where you find them


T ake photos home, and not living animals

R eport potential hazards, as these could cause an accident

I ncoming Tides can cut you off from the shore, so always keep an eye on the water

P romote coastal safety – stay away from soft mud, quicksand and slippery rocks and don’t get too close to cliffs. Wear suitable clothing for the coast and be prepared for changeable weather conditions

Leave it as you find it

Take only photos, leave nothing but footprints