Wind powered activities

Windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing

  • Avoid putting shoreline wintering birds to flight by using designated access points and avoid getting close to their feeding grounds along the strandline or reef, or where they are resting – such as at high tides
  • Keep activities, launches and landings away from the summer breeding grounds and main winter roosts on the shingle beaches between Minnis Bay and Reculver, within the Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve, except for navigational access to Sandwich
  • If you encounter wildlife, such as seals either at sea or on sandbanks, slow down and give them a wide berth as then can be easily scared by humans
  • Be considerate to other coastal users – particularly swimmers and children in the water and look out for other beach users and dogs when clearing equipment away on the shore.
  • Keep to the designated activity zones identified on the main bay information signs, or by the Local Authority
  • For larger vessels – above dinghy or topper in size – join a local water user scheme, such as the Thanet Water User Group – contact them to see if your craft should be included.
  • Know and follow the RNLI’s Sea Safety Guidelines – Dingy Sailing and Sailing – available free of charge from the RNLI
  • Observe the advice in the Windsurfing Safety Guide – available from the MCA (via Mail Marketing Tel 011 5901 3336)
  • Be aware of the Kite Surfing Safety Guidelines – contact the British Kitesports

PLEASE NOTE: Access restrictions have changed following public consultation and launch of the national England Coastal Path in 2016 Access Restrictions within Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve (updated with TDC’s Dog Control PSPO in 2023).